Mentorship Programs

Let’s get your business to the next level!

By. Ashlyy


Mentorship of 4 weeks


Mentorship of 8 weeks


One hour consultation


3 customizable 1:1 Programs Focused on the wellness & beauty industry for you to choose:

Extraordinary Guidance:

You will learn the power of Personal branding, Build exceptional client experiences, develop strategies to cultivate influential connections, and grow loyal customer relationships.

For those venturing into the wellness-beauty industry. Our program is here to guide you to navigate challenges smoothly and pave your way towards success.

This program has a duration of 8 weeks. We’ll schedule a free 20-minute interview to ensure a good fit for this program and when we start, we will have Four 60 minutes Video Call sessions. You have my support for 2 months via WhatsApp or Instagram.

$1,111 CAD Payment options 2 installments* or pay in a single installment to receive free: E-book “How to Run Promotional Campaigns: Maximize Your Time and Profits”

Expansion Guidance

I will share with you the strategies that have helped me grow my clientele, my team, increase and enhance my Profits.

You can also make your business grow!

¡This journey suits you perfectly if you’re seeking guidance to boost profits, optimize sales, stay on top of your agenda, and build a stronger foundation for your business!

This program has a duration of 4 weeks. We’ll set up a complimentary 20-minute interview to ensure this program suits your needs and if it’s a match we will have two 60-minute Video Call sessions. You have my support for 1 month via WhatsApp or Instagram.

$555 CAD

Custom-Fit Consultation

n this one-hour consultation, we’ll explore any challenges you’re facing or areas you want to enhance within your business.

A simple but efficient process!

This session is perfect for evaluating topics like personal branding, reaching new clients, enhancing client retention, boosting motivation, refining leadership and team-building skills, and evaluating prices to improve profits.

$255 CAD

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After this session, you obtain my support for 1 week via WhatsApp or Instagram.

Your investment is $255 CAD

*It’s essential to share your questions or concerns beforehand, allowing us to make the most of our time together.


During those 6 weeks of hard work, your support was essential in the creation and clarification of my new service. Your knowledge, patience and commitment have been the main key to unleash everything I had inside me and didn’t know how to project it. I have gained clarity, confidence and a renewed vision to take my venture to the next level. You are more than a mentor; you are a source of inspiration and strength. I am deeply grateful for your professionalism, dedication and for being a fundamental part of this new stage in my venture. This achievement would not have been possible without your valuable mentorship.

Yamily Rosas Masso- Kiné sportif

  • Payment can be done Via E-transfer, credit card or debit card.
  • Contract Between mentor and mentee will be signed before first call.
  • Support via WhatsApp or Instagram Tuesday till Saturday 10am-7pm.
  • No Cancellation or Devolution policy.
  • The Mentoring must start in a 20 days time frame after the payment.
  • Payment option of 2 installments: First payment has to be done before starting the program and last payment halfway through the program.
  • Programs can be paused for 1 week maximum in case of Sickness or unavailability.
  • Results depend on the commitment of the mentee to the Mentoring program.

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