ManiCare & PediCare

 Have you ever tried E-file dry manicure? try this revolutionary long lasting manicure and see your nails look better then ever


1h 50min – 2h 15min

from 105 CAD

Indulge in our exclusive Russian e-file manicure. Our ManiCare service entails shaping, delicate cuticle cleaning, and buffing, followed by the application of a structured hard gel polish in a shade of your preference. Kindly be aware that we exclusively work with gel polish on natural nails. We don’t work with any acrylic, dip powder, gel X extensions or tips. If you wish to remove products from a different salon or add a unique design, we invite you to explore our additional services.

ManiCare no polish

1 h

70 CAD

Indulge in our exclusive Russian e-file manicure. This service includes nail shaping, delicate cuticle cleaning. Please come with bare nails or book a separate gel removal service, as we do not remove acrylic/dip powder or gel X extensions.

PediCare with gel polish

Services by @paulas.beautyway

1h 40min – 1h 50min

from 95 CAD

Experience a top-notch Russian e-file pedicure with a sole focus on toenail care. This comprehensive service includes thorough toenail cleaning, precise clipping and shaping, delicate cuticle cleaning, and effective yet gentle exfoliation of heels and dry foot areas. The final touch includes buffing before applying your preferred solid gel polish, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and looking immaculate.

PediCare no polish


desde 70 CAD

Elevate your toenail care with our top-notch Russian e-file pedicure. This comprehensive service includes thorough cleaning, precise shaping, gentle cuticle care, and effective exfoliation for smooth heels.

Gel removal


30 CAD

Not for our regular clients! This service is for removing gel polish from another salon. Please note that we do not remove acrylic, dip powder, or gel X extensions. Trust our skilled technicians to safely and efficiently remove the gel polish, preserving the health of your natural nails and providing a fresh start for your desired treatment.

Nail extension


15 CAD

One nail extension.This Service offers tailor-made extensions that seamlessly match the shape and length of your natural nails. With hard gel material, your natural nails can grow freely without any issues. Enjoy stunning, undetectable extensions that blend perfectly, giving you glamorous nails without sacrificing nail health. Price is for one nail only.

Nail fix



Our Nail Fix Service is dedicated to repairing fissures and small cracks in your nails. If your nail is completely broken, please book our Nail Extension Service for a comprehensive solution to restore the desired length and appearance.